Recent Tutorials

Upgrade from smarty 2 to smarty 3 & 4
Since XOOPS 2.5.11-RC1 smarty 3 replaces smarty 2 and this can cause several problems on your website.
This tutorial will allow you to correct the errors that prevent your website from working properly.
How to upgrade XOOPS
You want to upgrade XOOPS, this tutorial is here to help you
How to install XOOPS
You want to install XOOPS to create a website, this tutorial is here to help you
Understanding the xSwatch4 theme
Choose the xSwatch4 theme for your website and arrange it exactly as you wish.

This very detailed tutorial will explain how this theme is structured and will guide you step by step to adapt it to your needs.
Using Font Awesome icons in a XOOPS theme
Want to use the beautiful icons Font Awesome available for free (in part) in your XOOPS thème?

Then this tutorial is written for you! Note that it will be based on a XOOPS thème but you can follow it using any non-XOOPS theme.
Utiliser les icones Font Awesome dans des applications de bureau
Vous souhaitez utiliser les magnifiques icônes Font Awesome disponibles gratuitement (en partie) dans vos applications de bureau ?

Alors ce tutoriel est rédigé pour vous ! vous allez apprendre à intégrer cette bibliothèque d'icônes dans votre système d'exploitation, puis à utiliser celle-ci dans vos outils préférés.